What is the B4 Network?

The B4 Network is the FIRST social network dedicated to the world of industrial automation.

The goal is to allow all members to work within a global market, getting in touch with fellow suppliers/distributors/manufacturers and finding new potential business partners.

By joining the B4 Network, you will be part of the most important industrial automation community and this will enable you to look for the products you need and to select the offer with the best value for money. At the same time, through B4 Network you can offer your own products and services to a vast and relevant audience.

How does it work?

Create your account: it’s quick and it’s free.

The more complete your profile will be, the more trustful you’ll look; the more active and seamless your interaction with other users, the more you’ll get the chance to close good deals.

How can I find the products I am looking for?

You can send private requests for products through each user’s profile, or you can publish them in order to choose the more advantageous offer.

If you are looking for a certain product or you are offering your items, select “Add a request” in the “My Home” page and fill the empty fields:

• Brand – mandatory
• Category - choose from list, optional
• Quantity – mandatory
• Product Code - this could ease and speed up your search/offer!
• Message - to fill in case you have particular needs or you want to specify anything else

How can I offer the automation products I deal with?

By indicating the brands and the product categories you sell and the ones you’re interested in, you will receive all the targeted offers and requests.

If, instead, you want to answer to a request/offer for products, in the “Your Inbox” area you will find the latest messages you received: just click on “new request” button to answer.

We are proud to have developed a convenient and user-friendly platform. As a matter of fact, B4 Network is easy and effective: seeing is believing!

All right, but who are you?

Our team is made by web developers and industrial automation professionals. We buy and sell a wide range of industrial automation products – sensors, controllers, drives, motors, pumps etc. - on a daily basis. We developed B4 Network as a working tool and we have been the first, enthusiastic users.

Why B4 Network?

We have created this online social networking platform upon realizing that distributors around the world often face great challenges in sourcing some brands and offering them to their customers, even though they have great conditions and a wide selection of various brands.

Through this platform, we have made it possible for distributors in different countries to exchange information and get in touch with each other, thus leading to the creation of strong co-operation between businesses.

Is it just a matter of prices?

No, it's not. It's a matter of doing our job as professionally as possible. Today, bringing your business to a worldwide level is as fundamental as offering the best product available.

By using a platform where the exchange of information within a worldwide context is easy and fast, we can focus on the REALLY important part of our job: providing excellent customer service and supporting our clients during their daily work in a professional and continuous way.

Uhm…ok, but I’d still like to have some further information

You are welcome! That's what we're here for. Drop us a line at info@b4-network.com.

Try it. It's free.

It's a matter of doing our job as professionally as possible. We have created a way to exchange information and get in contact with each other.