B4 Network was founded on two vital aspects: users and their interactions. These aspects are very important for a platform based on users' requests about specific products, that aims towards creating relationships between companies from all over the world.
Considering this, B4Network is not organized as a mixed group of companies but as a ranked list of users.

How the ranking system works

Points are assigned on aspects that you can actively improve. This can be achieved by first completing your user profile.

Being a social network based on exchanging information, a basic aspect is that each user completes his profile with basic information such as the company name. Additionally, the user can improve their visibility on the network by providing more specific information such as the categories of products that he or she is interested in.

As such, every completed field in the profile section will award you with points and will move you up in the ranking system, thus allowing you to be more visible to other users during a research. This will consequently allow you to interact with companies that deal in products you are interested in and that operate within specific markets.

How to gain more points

However, the profile is not the only aspect that B4 Network takes into account in boosting the users' ranking. A fundamental part is also the interaction between users.

A user that has a perfectly complete profile but does not reply to other users’ requests will gain a lower position in the ranking than a user who interacts and participates regularly on the platform.

How to improve your online reputation

You can leave a feedback by rating the user who replies to your request in the range from one to five stars, thus helping the growth of your company thanks to reliable partners. On the other hand, you will also be given feedback, having the opportunity to improve your business reputation online.

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