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Join the B4-Network! Our goal is to give all our users the possibility to become a part of an international community, by helping them to find partners and to offer their products and services, in the worldwide industrial automation market.

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B4 Network Members Worldwide

B4 network members all over the world: click on the regions on the map which you are interested in to find out more business opportunities with business partners located in that particular geographical area. The intensity of red within each region on the map signifies the presence of B4 Network members around the globe currently utilizing the network.

  • Get in touch with partners worldwide!

    By joining B4-Network, you will be able to connect with thousands of industrial automation distributors all over the world.

  • Boost your Business

    B4 Network enables you to exchange information and conduct business negotiations with automation professionals worldwide, expanding your market.

  • Offer and Find Products

    In this international community of industrial automation distributors, you will have the possibility to identify the best product offers available.

  • Improve your online reputation

    Connecting with other automation professionals on B4 Network will help you improve your reputation by receiving feedback and credits.

An online community of professionals from the automation sector which allows all members to work with a worldwide market

B4 around the World

B4-Network is already present in more than 67 countries in the world. By continuously looking for new opportunities and by finding more and more companies coming from different backgrounds, the network has become a real cornerstone in the industrial automation market.

Grow your business

Present your range of products and services directly to professionals who are interested in your specific products
and services. B4 Network allows you to find potential business partners in the industrial automation sector worldwide, enabling you to create a profitable exchange of products and services at the best conditions.

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